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DEHUMANIfcATION                            5 3

privilege of a few, and a doubtful privilege even
for them, since the existence of the very exploiters
was itself a nightmare existence, in its turn
exploited and oppressed. The crisis of capitalism
is the crisis of liberty. But if liberty is of a false
or fictitious sort, it should be overthrown. In
that case its overthrow would clear the way for
true and actual liberty. The world is caught,
just now, between this sort of false, decomposing
liberty on the one hand, and the complete denial
of liberty, the dictated world-view, on the other.
This dictated world-view differs from that of
* the Middle Ages in that the medieval world-view
was something truly integral, organic, grandiose,
while that of to-day is something hastily tacked
together, ill-considered and lacking all depth.
The Weltanschauungen of to-day are conditional
symbols or myths which the demagogues use
to control the masses with. This is the, state
of things in our world to-day.

Freedom of labour, as proclaimed in the
societies of the nineteenth and twentieth cen-
turies, started out by being the exploitation of
labour; it has now become the freedom of the
unemployed. It is a clear expression of the
contradictions and paradoxes of liberty in social
life. Marx did not foresee these results of in-
dustrial-capitalist development. He imagined that
the quantity of labourers would automatically